Paradyne 4800 Express Network Router User Manual

1. Installation
1-4 July 2004 4821-A2-GN21-10
Unpacking the Hardware
This product is designed to protect sensitive components from damage
due to electrostatic discharge (ESD) during normal operation. When
performing installation procedures, however, take proper static control
precautions to prevent damage to equipment. If you are not sure of the
proper static control precautions, contact your nearest sales or service
The BitStorm 4800 Express is shipped in a cardboard shipping container.
Carefully remove the unit from its shipping container and check for physical
damage. If the unit shows signs of shipping damage, notify your sales
Package Contents
In addition to this installation guide, the BitStorm 4800 Express shipping carton
should contain:
BitStorm 4800 Express DSLAM
AC Power Cable
Two sets of mounting brackets: one set suitable for a 19-inch (483 mm) rack
and one set suitable for a 23-inch (584 mm) rack (including Bay Networks and
Hardware kit (see Table 1-3, Contents of Hardware Kit Shipped with the
BitStorm 4800 Express)
If anything is missing, notify your sales representative.
Before installing the BitStorm 4800 Express, read the Important Safety
Instructions in the beginning of this document.
Be sure to register your warranty at