Sony KP-61HS10 Projector User Manual

D:\JN\KP-53HS10\KP53HS10GB\407416311KP53HS10USA\02US-KP53HS10USA\ masterpage:Left
Model name1[KP-53HS10] Model name2[KP-61HS10]
[4-074-163-11 (1)]
Verify that FAVORITE CHANNEL is set to
MANUAL in the CHANNEL SET UP menu. (see
“Setting FAVORITE CHANNEL manually” on
page 39)
Ensure that VIDEO LABEL is not set to SKIP. (see
“VIDEO LABEL” on page 42)
SELECT OUT will not record both images in PIP
or P&P. Only the main picture will be recorded.
If you are recording the main picture and you
switch to the sound of the sub picture using the
AUDIO button, the main picture will be recorded
with sound from the other program.
Some shooting games which involve pointing a
light beam at the TV screen with an electronic gun
or rifle cannot be used with this projection TV. For
details, see the instruction manual supplied with the
video game software.
FAVORITE CHANNEL does not display
your choices
Some video sources do not appear when
you press TV/VIDEO
Recording through SELECT OUT does
not function properly when recording in
PIP or P&P mode
Cannot play shooting games