Toshiba L505-S5990 Laptop User Manual

User’s Manual 4-28
Operating Basics
1. Click Start All Programs TOSHIBA Networking Modem
Region Select.
2. The Region Selection icon will appear in the Windows Taskbar.
3. Click the icon with the primary (left) mouse button to display a list of
regions that the modem supports, together with a sub-menu which
details telephony location information - a check mark will appear next to
the currently selected region and telephony location.
4. Select either a region from the region menu or a telephony location from
the sub-menu.
When you click a region it becomes the modem's default selection
for any new dialing locations that are created within the Windows
Control Panel (Phone and Modem Options).
When you select a telephony location, the corresponding region is
automatically selected and becomes the modem's default setting.
Properties menu
Click the icon with the secondary (right) mouse button in order to display a
Properties menu on the screen.
Within the Properties menu you are able to either enable or disable the
following settings:
AutoRun Mode
Allows you to configure whether the Modem Region Select utility starts
automatically whenever you start up the operating system.
Open the Dialing Properties dialog box after selecting region
Allows you to configure whether the dialing properties dialog box will be
displayed automatically after you have selected a region.
Location list for region selection
Displays a sub-menu appears which details location information.
Open dialog box, if the modem and Telephony Current
Location region code do not match
Displays a warning if the current settings for both region code and
telephony location are different.
If it is available, do not use the Country/Region Select function included as
part of the modem setup utility within the Control Panel - if you change the
country/region setting this way you may find that the change does not take
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