Toshiba L505-S5990 Laptop User Manual

User’s Manual 6-12
Power and Power-up Modes
Starting the computer by password
If you have already registered a password, there is a way to start the
Enter the password manually.
To enter a password manually, follow these steps:
1. Turn on the power as described in Chapter 3, Getting Started. The
following message will appear in the LCD:
Enter Password [xxxxxxxx]
2. Enter the Password.
3. Press Enter.
The password is necessary only if the computer was shut down in boot
mode, not in Hibernation or Sleep mode.
At this point, the hotkeys Fn + F1 to F9 do not work. They will function after
you enter the password.
If you enter the password incorrectly three consecutive times, the
computer shuts down. You must turn on the computer again and re-enter
the password.
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