Toshiba L505-S5990 Laptop User Manual

User’s Manual 6-8
Power and Power-up Modes
Retaining data with power off
When you turn off your computer with fully charged batteries, the batteries
retain data for the following approximate time periods.
Retention Time
Extending battery life
To maximize the life of your battery packs:
At least once a month, disconnect the computer from a power source
and operate it on battery power until the battery pack fully discharges.
Before doing so, follow the steps as detailed below.
1. Turn off the computer's power.
2. Disconnect the AC adaptor and turn on the computer's power - if it
does not turn on then go to Step 4.
3. Operate the computer on battery power for five minutes. If you find
that the battery pack has at least five minutes of operating time,
continue operating until the battery pack is fully discharged,
however, if the Battery indicator flashes or there is some other
warning to indicate a low battery condition, go to Step 4.
4. Connect the AC adaptor to the DC IN 19V jack of the computer, and
to a wall outlet that is supplying power. The DC IN indicator should
glow white, and the Battery indicator should glow amber to indicate
that the battery pack is being charged, however, in the event that
DC IN indicator does not glow this indicates that power is not being
supplied - check the connections for the AC adaptor and the power
5. Charge the battery pack until the Battery indicator glows white.
If you have extra battery packs, rotate their use.
If you will not be using the system for an extended period, for example
for more than one month, remove the battery pack from the computer.
Disconnect the AC adaptor when the battery is fully charged -
overcharging will make the battery hot and can shorten its operating life.
If you are not going to use the computer for more than eight hours,
disconnect the AC adaptor.
Store spare battery packs in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
Battery type State and Retention Time
Battery pack 2 days for 12 cell, 1 day for 6 cell,
0.5 day for 3 cell (sleep mode)
20 days for 12 cell, 10 days for 6 cell,
5 days for 3 cell (shut down mode)
RTC battery 30 days
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