Toshiba L505-S5990 Laptop User Manual

User’s Manual 5-2
The Keyboard
Function keys: F1 … F12
The function keys (not to be confused with the special FN key) are the
twelve keys at the top of your keyboard - these keys function differently
from other keys.
F1 through F12 are called function keys because they execute
programmed functions when pressed and, when used in combination with
the FN key, those keys marked with icons also execute specific functions
on the computer. Please refer to the section, Soft keys: FN key
combinations, in this chapter for further information, taking care to note that
the function executed by individual keys will depend on the software you
are using.
Soft keys: FN key combinations
The FN (function) key is unique to TOSHIBA computers and is used in
combination with other keys to form soft keys. Soft keys are key
combinations that enable, disable or configure specific features.
Emulating keys on an enhanced keyboard
Figure 5-1 A 104-key enhanced keyboard layout
This computer's keyboard is designed to provide all the features of the 104-
key enhanced keyboard.
Since the keyboard is smaller, some of the enhanced keyboard functions
must be simulated using two keys instead of one on the larger keyboard.
The FN key can be combined with the following keys to simulate functions
similar to those of keys on the 104/105 key enhanced keyboard which are
not on this computer's keyboard.
Please note that some software may disable or interfere with soft-key
operations, and that the soft-key settings are not restored when the
computer returns from Sleep Mode.
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