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4.4.4 Map Descriptor example 1 - Monitoring a MXL/XLS Device for Events
To monitor a MXL/XLS device we need only one “poller” Map Descriptor as shown below. The function of this Map Descriptor’s is to continuously check the
MXL device for events from panels. Only one poller Map Descriptor per FieldServer port is required when monitoring more than one MXL/XLS device. The
Node_Name will indicate on which port this Map Descriptor resides.
// Client Side Map Descriptors
Map_Descriptor_Name ,Data_Array_Name ,Data_Array_Offset ,Function ,Node_Name ,Block_Number ,Length ,Msg_Type
CD_Poller1 ,Event_Counts1 ,0 ,RDBC ,Panel1 ,1 ,19 ,poller
CD Client Descriptor
Specifies lowest panel
number from which
events will be
received. Refer to
Appendix A for more
Specify length
in multiples of
19 events
according to
Block Number
Refer to
Appendix A
for more
Specify poller
message type
for this Map
Specifies Data Array
that will hold event
counters. Data Array
length must be equal
or greater than Data
Array offset plus Map
Descriptor length.
offset into
Data Array
where event
counts will be
Choose a
from the
passive Map
Descriptors in
the next section
to specify the
port on which
this poller will
be active.