GE 1601-9026-A3 Switch User Manual

Several styles of connector are used to terminate the attached to the end of the fiber
cable. The ST and SC connectors shown below, are among the more popular. Ensures that
the UR CPU, switch, and cable have compatible connectors.
FIGURE 14: Common Fiber Optic Connectors
8.1 Assigning an IP address to the Multilin Switch
The easiest way to configure the switch is through the WEB interface. The switch has been
shipped with a default IP address of and a subnet mask of
Consult your network administrator to determine if the IP address, subnet mask or default
gateway needs to be modified. In our example test network the valid rang of IP addresses
is from to
The easiest way to assign an IP address and subnet mask is through the switches console
serial port. A null-modem cable is required to connect the console port to the computer’s
serial port. (For ML2400/ML1600, a DB-9 to DB-9 null-modem cable is required. For
ML1200/ML800, a Cisco-compatible RJ45 to DB-9 null-modem cable is required.)