GE 1601-9026-A3 Switch User Manual

10 Multilink Firmware Updates
10.1 Updating MultiLink Firmware
This section describesthe process for upgrading the firmware on a GE Multilink Ethernet
switch. The methods describe updating the Multilink firmware either locally using the
console port or remotely over the network using FTP or TFTP.
The following equipment and software are required for loading the Multilink Ethernet
switch with the new firmware version.
1. A female-to-female null modem cable. (This is only necessary when upgrading
using the Multilink console port.)
2. PC serial port. If your PC does not have a serial port, a USB-to-serial converter
will be required. (This is only necessary when upgrading using the Multilink
console port.)
3. A PC (or a workstation/computer) with a terminal emulation program such as
Huyperterminal (included with Windows) or Teraterm-pro or other equivalent
software. Verify that the software supports Xmodem protocol.
4. Enough disk space to store and retrieve the configuration files as well as a
copy of the Multilink firmware. We recommend at least 15 MB of free disk
5. Manager level account name and password for the switch being upgraded.
6. An internet connection. Ensure the connection does not block ftp file transfers
10.2 Selecting the Proper Version
The latest version of the firmware is available at:
To deternine the version of firmware currently installed on your switch, do the following:
Z Using the command line interface, log into the switch uwing
Manager access rights.
Z In the command line prompt, enter the command, show version.
Z Using the EnerVista web interface, enter the IP address of the switch
in the address bar of a web browser
The firmware version installed on the switch will appear in the lower
left corner of the screen.
10.3 Upgrading Using a Serial Connection- Command Line Interface
Use the following procedure to install firmware to the MultiLink Ethernet Switch via the
serial port.
Z Download the MultiLink Switch Software from the GE Multilin web
site, to a convenient location on your hard drive.
Z Use the null-modem cable to connect to the serial port of the switch.
Z Login at the manager level with the proper password.