GE 1601-9026-A3 Switch User Manual

The 23-inch brackets and the ETSI (European metric, approximately 21") brackets are also
available for rack-mounting of the Unit. These brackets are popular in the
telecommunications industry where they are a standard for central office rack-mounting
purposes. The 23-inch and the ETSI brackets are mainly used for larger equipment
assemblies in rack-mounting frames where the rack-mount equipment is typically
accessed in operation from both sides.
The bracket mounting holes in the sides of the Unit permits it to be mounted in various
ways. The same holes fit all three types (19", ETSI, 23") of brackets. The mounting for the 23"
is illustrated above. The brackets may be attached flush with the front, or attached in the
center for a set-back mounting which may reduce cabling torque.
The optional 23" brackets and the ETSI (21") brackets each come as a pair in a package,
along with the necessary screws for attaching the brackets to the sides of the Unit. They
must be ordered as line items.
2.3 DIN-Rail / Panel Mounting - ML1600
The Unit is designed for use in a “factory floor” industrial environment. It is available with
optional DIN-rail brackets to mount it securely in a metal factory floor enclosure,
maintained vertically for proper convection cooling of the unit. The Unit requires two DIN-
rail mounting clips or latches for secure mounting – contact GE Multilin for ordering
FIGURE 3: Unit with DIN-rail clips
The DIN rail latching clips are mounted on the upper rear corners of the unit. Two threaded
holes are provided on the sides of Unit for DIN-rail mounting purposes. Two #10-32 × 3/8
PHIL. PAN with star washer screws are included with the DIN-rail brackets. The two heavy
duty DIN-rail latches are designed to be manually accessible from the top when the unit is
installed on a DIN-rail.