Mitsubishi HC1100 Projector User Manual

The exhaust vents
emit warm air.
The menu can’t be
The mark appears.
The remote control
doesn’t function easily
or at all.
The buttons on the
control panel (except
for the POWER button)
don’t function.
Abnormal sound is
This air comes out after cooling the inside of the projector. You may feel hot, but this is
not a malfunction.
The microcomputers inside the projector may be wrongly operating because of noise.
Press the POWER button to turn off the lamp and unplug the power cord from the
wall outlet. Wait about 10 minutes, plug the power cord in, and try again.
This indication appears when the ambient temperature rises high. When the ambient
temperature stays high, the lamp goes out.
Eliminate any causes of the rise in the ambient temperature.
This indication appears when the air inlet or outlet grille is blocked. When they are kept
blocked, the lamp goes out.
Remove the objects blocking the air inlet or outlet grille. Clean the fi lter, if clogged.
This mark appears when ineffective operation is carried out. This isn’t a product
Check that the batteries are loaded in the remote control or the batteries are not weak.
(See page 6.)
Check that the remote control sensor isn’t exposed to direct sunlight or fl uorescent
light. (See page 9.)
Use the remote control within its operation range. (See page 9.)
Use the remote control at least 10 cm away from the projector.
PASSWORD FUNCTION in the FEATURE menu has been set to MENU ACCESS to en-
able the password lock.
Cancel the password lock or contact the person in charge of management of the
projector. (See page 30.)
Because the color wheel spins at a high speed, metallic sounds may be heard in rare
occasions. Such symptom is not a malfunction.
If the following problem occurs after the lamp is replaced, check the following fi rst.
The projector does not
turn on.
The STATUS indicator
Fit the lamp cover securely. (See pages 31 and 32.)
Reset the lamp operating time. (See page 32.)
Reset the lamp operating time. (See page 32.)
Kensington Lock
This projector has a Kensington Security Standard connector for use with Kensington MicroSaver Security System.
Refer to the information that came with the Kensington System for instructions on how to use it to secure the
projector. Please contact Kensington Technology Group below.
Kensington Technology Group
2855 Campus Drive
San Mateo, CA 94403, U.S.A.
Phone: +1- (650)572-2700 Fax: +1- (650)572-9675