Mitsubishi HC1100 Projector User Manual

Preparing your projector
Power supply part
RGB cable for PC
Mini D-SUB
Mini D-SUB
D-SUB 9-pin
RS-232C cable
Used for projector control
by computer.
Power cord
Remote control parts
Remote control
R03 (Size-AAA)
battery (two)
• Lens cap (attached to the
• User Manual/Quick Start up
(English only) (871D488-10)
• CD-ROM (with User Manual)
• Safety Manual/Quick Start up
Checking accessories
The following accessories are provided with this projector. Check to be sure that all of the accessories are packed in
the package.
The attached power cord is to be used exclusively for this product. Never use it for other products.
Inserting the batteries into the remote control
1. Remove the back lid of the remote control.
2. Check the polarity (+), (-) of the batteries, and set them
correctly, inserting their (-) side fi rst.
If the battery is inserted from the (+) side fi rst, inserting
the (-) side is diffi cult because the coil spring end hits
on the battery side. If the battery is forced in this way,
the outer label of the battery may get ripped and it may
cause a short-circuit and heating.
3. Attach the back lid.
Use two size-AAA batteries (R03).
Replace the two batteries with new ones when the remote
control is slow to respond.
Use of a battery of wrong type may cause explosion.
Only Carbon-Zinc or Alkaline-Manganese Dioxide type batteries should be used.
Dispose of used batteries according to your local regulations.
Batteries may explode if misused. Do not recharge, disassemble, or throw them in fi re.
Be sure to handle the batteries according to the instructions.
Load the batteries with its positive (+) and negative (-) sides correctly oriented as indicated on the remote control.
Keep batteries out of reach of children and pets.
Remove the batteries, if the remote control is not used for a long time.
Do not combine a new battery with an old one.
If the solution of batteries comes in contact with your skin or clothes, rinse with water. If the solution comes in
contact with your eyes, rinse them with water and then consult your doctor.