Alpine TME-M740BT Computer Monitor User Manual

Placing a Call by SPEED DIAL (SPEED
You can register up to 9 telephone numbers you frequently call in
SPEED DIAL for easy dialing any time.
Touch the number you want to call by SPEED DIAL
on the SOURCE SELECT screen.
You can scroll a number by touching [ ] or [ ].
Touch [ ].
The call is placed.
Registering a Telephone Book
You can place a call by registering the telephone book registered in a
mobile phone to the unit.
Send telephone book data from a mobile phone to
the TME-T740BT.
When data has been sent, a message that data is received
is displayed.
Touch [STORE].
The telephone book screen is displayed.
For how to send telephone book data, refer to the mobile phone’s
Owner’s Manual.
The maximum number that can be registered in the telephone book of
the unit is 205.
Depending on the mobile phone, if [SEARCH] is touched on the
telephone book screen, the telephone book of the mobile phone will
automatically be read to the unit.
If a telephone book is rewritten, touch [ALL DELETE], and delete
the existing telephone book, then register the telephone book again.
To place a call by a telephone book, refer to “Placing a Call by the
Telephone Book (PHONE BOOK)” (page 8).
Bluetooth Audio Operation
Audio information of a Bluetooth compatible mobile phone, portable
player, etc., is by wireless controllable/playable* from the unit.
Refer to “Connect a Mobile Phone” (page 7) to connect Bluetooth
Audio devices.
* To play back audio, a mobile phone or portable player that conforms
to A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) is required. Video
playback is not supported.
Displays the device name
Finds the beginning of the current track.
Finds the beginning of the next track.
Displays the source selection screen.
Hangs up a hands-free phone connection. The indicator is
displayed while the call is placed.
Setting Bluetooth Audio Output
Interruption (INT BT AUDIO)
The setting is made when Bluetooth Audio sound is output from an
external unit (Ai-NET compatible head unit or rear monitor, etc.).
Touch [ ] or [ ] of INT BT AUDIO to switch ON/
ON / OFF (Initial Setting)
If audio is interrupted by a hands-free call or navigation guidance,
the hands-free call or navigation guidance will interrupt having
The “INT BT AUDIO” setting can be made only when the Bluetooth
audio screen is displayed. If you change to another source, the
setting cannot be made.
Bluetooth Audio
Function (Optional)
ON: ON is set when Bluetooth Audio sound is output from the
Audio Output Connector (AUX OUT) via Ai-NET to the Ai-NET
compatible head unit (DVA-9861, etc.).
OFF: OFF is set when Bluetooth Audio sound is output from the
Audio Output Connector (AUX OUT) to the rear monitor. Page 9 Wednesday, December 13, 2006 2:23 AM