Alpine TME-M740BT Computer Monitor User Manual

Remove the mount from the stand and stick it to the
dashboard etc.. Remove any dirt on the place to
install, using the supplied cloth.
If the temperature in the car is low (Winter), then first heat up the
place where you are going to stick the mount with a hairdryer etc.
Do not apply force to the mount, or expose to humidity, within 24
hours after attaching.
If the mount is not firmly stuck, then we recommend that you attach
with the supplied fixing screws.
Attach the main unit to the stand as shown in step 2.
Use the cable clamps to fix the cables.
Before using, check that the main unit and the stand, and the stand
and the place where it is attached to the car are fixed securely.
Mounting the Monitor on the Indash using a Bracket
Mount the bracket using the supplied screws
(M5 x 8).
Mount the bracket on the monitor using the supplied
screws (M5 x 8).
Mount the monitor with bracket attached in the car.
For the sake of safety, mount the microphone in the following location.
In a stable and secure location.
In a location where there is no interference of driver operation.
Mount the external microphone used for the hands-free phone in a
location where the driver’s voice can easily be picked up. Mount the
microphone in consideration of its direction and distance from the
driver so that the voice can easily be picked up with no driver
movement, which may otherwise cause driver distraction.
If an external microphone is connected, an internal microphone
cannot be used.
Peel off the paper seal on the base of the external
microphone, and stick it on the dashboard.
Using the supplied cleaner, clean the mounting surface
area thoroughly, and then stick the microphone in place.
Fixing screws
(M4 x 12 Supplied)
If the place of
attachment is
curved, then
bend this
part to match
the shape.
Mounting an external Microphone for
Hands-Free Calling
To prevent external noise from entering the audio system.
Locate the unit and route the leads at least 10 cm away
from the car harness.
Keep the battery power leads as far away from other
leads as possible.
Connect the ground lead securely to a bare metal spot
(remove any paint, dirt or grease if necessary) of the car
If you add an optional noise suppressor, connect it as far
away from the unit as possible. Your Alpine dealer carries
various noise suppressors, contact them for further
Your Alpine dealer knows best about noise prevention
measures so consult your dealer for further information. Page 17 Wednesday, December 13, 2006 2:23 AM