Alpine TME-M740BT Computer Monitor User Manual

TV Operation (Optional)
Operable when optional TUE-T151 is connected.
When TV is selected in “External Input Name Setting (AUX NAME)”
(page 12), the source is displayed in SOURCE selection screen.
Touch the display panel to display the operation screen.
The operation screen changes to the visual screen in the TV mode for
5 seconds after an operation has been performed. Touch the display
panel to display the operation screen again.
Decreases channels one by one.
Decreases the preset numbers one by one.
Changes the tuning way (manual mode, auto seek mode
and preset number).
Increases channels one by one.
Increases the preset numbers one by one.
Memorizes automatically.
Changes the band.
Displays the source selection screen.
Hangs up the mobile phone connection. The indication is
displayed only during a call.
Operation may differ depending on the connected device. Refer to
owner's manual of the connected device.
About Hands-Free Phone
The unit is compatible with Bluetooth
international standard wireless
communication technology. You can place a hands-free call* using a
Bluetooth compatible mobile phone.
* To make a hands-free call, your mobile phone needs to conform to
HPF (Hands-Free Profile).
Avoid performing a hands-free call in a city where traffic is
congested, or in the narrow street.
When you place a call, speak loudly and clearly.
Shut the windows before calling.
If both persons use a hands-free call to each other, or you make a call
in a noisy location, you may have difficulty hearing the other
person’s voice, or transmitting to the other person.
Certain voices may sound unnatural, depending on the person using
the telephone, or on telephone line conditions.
Depending on the mobile phone, you may not be able to use a hands-
free phone.
Hands-Free Phone
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