Alpine TME-M740BT Computer Monitor User Manual

Hands-Free Phone Interruption Setting (INT MUTE)
ON (Initial Setting) / OFF
You can set a hands-free phone call to interrupt the head unit
(DVA-9861, etc.).
IN-INT cable connected devices should be connected to the OUT-INT
cable of the unit.
* To make voice interruption of the mobile phone to the head unit,
perform the following setting at the same time. If the settings are not
performed, voice cannot be interrupted to the unit.
Set to ON in “Making effective use of Refused Call (REFUSED
CALL)” (page 13) and Bluetooth AUDIO in “REAR SELECT Setup”
(page 13).
External Input Name Setting (AUX NAME)
OFF / TV / DVD HU / EXT. DVD / GAME / AUX (Initial Setting)
Select the name from the following list, to be used for the product
using the external input mode. This will apply to the touch switch
name at source selection time and the source name during
playback change.
Setting the Navigation Mode (NAV. MODE)
NAV. (Initial Setting) / EXT. / OFF
Setting of the Rear Camera (CAMERA INT)
ON (Initial Setting) / OFF
When the rear camera is connected, rear pictures are output on
the screen.
By shifting to reverse (R), the rear pictures are output. This function
is effective when the reverse wire is properly connected.
Setting the Bluetooth Connection (Bluetooth)
ON (Initial Setting) / OFF
The setting is made when a hands-free phone or Bluetooth
Audio is used. Be sure to set to ON.
Searching for Connectable Bluetooth Device (Bluetooth
If [CANCEL] is touched, search of the Bluetooth device is
When a search is complete, a device selection list is displayed. If you
touch [PAIR] of a Bluetooth device to be connected, the pass code
input screen is displayed. Input the same pass code on the screen for
the unit and the Bluetooth device. Refer to “Connect a Mobile
Phone” (page 7).
Observing Bluetooth Device Information (ACTIVE
You can check the details of a currently connected Bluetooth
If you connect a mobile phone to another one, be sure to touch
[DISCONNECT], and cancel the currently connected mobile phone.
Setting the registered Bluetooth Device (PAIRED
Previously up to 8 connected mobile phones to the unit were
registered. Select the one you wish to use.
If [CONNECT] is touched, the Bluetooth device is connected.
If [DELETE] is touched, the Bluetooth device is deleted. If [ALL
DELETE] is touched, all Bluetooth devices are deleted.
If a Bluetooth device which is not registered in the list is connected,
search for a Bluetooth device by touching [SEARCH].
ON: The received call or placed call interrupts the head unit. Audio
of the head unit is muted at this time.
OFF: The received call or placed call does not interrupt the head unit.
OFF: Navigation source is not displayed. The settings related to the
navigation can not be changed from this unit.
NAV.:Navigation source is displayed.
EXT.: The source name is displayed as Vehicle Hub.
OFF: The CAMERA source is not displayed on the SOURCE selection
ON: Even if the shift lever is not set to reverse (R), the rear pictures
are output by selecting the CAMERA source.
Bluetooth Setup
ON: The Bluetooth function can be used.
OFF: The Bluetooth function cannot be used. Page 12 Wednesday, December 13, 2006 2:23 AM