Alpine TME-M740BT Computer Monitor User Manual

After turning the system off, a slight ghost of the image will
remain temporarily. This is an effect peculiar to LCD technology
and is normal.
In cold temperature conditions, the screen may lose contrast
temporarily. After a short warm-up period, it will return to
Operation of some of the functions of this unit is very complex.
Because of this, it was deemed necessary to place these functions
into a special screen. This will restrict operation of these functions
to times when the vehicle is parked. This ensures the focus of the
driver’s attention will be on the road and not on the TME-M740BT.
This has been done for the safety of the driver and passengers.
The setup operation cannot be made if the car is moving. The car
must be parked and the parking brake must be engaged for the
procedure described in the Owner’s Manual to be valid. The
warning “Operation is not allowed while driving,” will be displayed
if any attempts are made to perform these operations while driving.
Location of Controls
Senses the brightness of the car interior
Volume button
Adjust the volume level by pressing the or button.
Remote Sensor
Point the optional remote control transmitter toward the
remote sensor within a range of 2 m.
SOURCE button
Each time you press the SOURCE button, SOURCE is
If the button is pressed and held for at least 3 seconds, the
Vehiclehub Pro VPA-B222’s (optional) power is turned on/
(POWER) button
Turns the power on and off.
If the button is pressed and held for at least 3 seconds, the
Vehiclehub Pro VPA-B222’s (sold separately) V.SEL is
turned on/off.
Bluetooth Indicator
Lights up when “Setting Bluetooth Connection (Bluetooth)”
(page 12) is set to ON. Blinks when a hands-free phone is
used to receive, place a call or while calling.
Mobile Phone Microphone
If the received signal is not strong, use the supplied external
microphone for hands-free phone operation.
Mobile Phone external Microphone jack
If an external microphone is connected, the internal
microphone cannot be used.
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