Apple MB324LL/A Computer Monitor User Manual

Chapter 2
Life with Your iMac
Built-in stereo speakers
Listen to music, movies, games, and multimedia.
Dashboard key (F4)
Open Dashboard to access your widgets.
Exposé All Windows key (F3)
Open Exposé for quick access to all your open windows.
Brightness keys (F1, F2)
Increase ( ) or decrease ( ) the brightness of your Apple display.
Two USB 2.0 ports
Connect a mouse and sync your iPhone, iPod, or digital camera.
Built-in infrared (IR) receiver
Works seamlessly with your Apple Remote for wireless control.
Media keys (F7, F8, F9)
Fast-forward (
), play or pause (
), or rewind (
) a song, movie, or slideshow.
Volume keys (F11, F12)
Decrease (
) or increase (-) the volume of sound coming from the speakers or
headphone port on your iMac.
Media Eject key
Press and hold the Media Eject (
C) key to remove a disc.