Apple MB324LL/A Computer Monitor User Manual

50 Chapter 4 Problem, Meet Solution
Other Problems
For a problem with software from a manufacturer other than Apple, contact the
manufacturer. Software manufacturers often provide software updates on their
You can check for and install the latest Apple software using the Software Update pane
of System Preferences. Your iMac is set to check automatically once a week but you can
set it to check daily or monthly. You can also check for updates manually. For more
information, choose Help > Mac Help and search for “software update.”
Note: Classic (or Mac OS 9) applications are not compatible with your computer and
do not open.
If you have trouble inserting a disc
 Using a continuous motion, push the disc into the drive until your fingers touch the
side of your iMac.
 Use only a standard-size disc.
If you have trouble ejecting a disc
 Quit any applications that may be using the disc, and then press the Media
Eject (C) key on your keyboard.
 Open a Finder window and click the eject icon next to the disc icon in the
sidebar, or drag the disc icon from the desktop to the Trash.
 Log out from your user account by choosing Apple menu > Log Out “User”
(your account name appears in the menu), and then press the Media Eject (C) key
on your keyboard.
 Restart your iMac while holding down the mouse button.