Apple MB324LL/A Computer Monitor User Manual

Chapter 4 Problem, Meet Solution 51
If you have trouble scrolling with your Mighty Mouse
 If the scrolling feels rough or if the scroll ball isn’t scrolling up, down, or side-to-side,
hold the mouse upside-down and roll the ball vigorously while cleaning.
 See “Cleaning Your Mighty Mouse” on page 63 for more information.
If you have a problem using your iMac or working with the Mac OS
 If the answer to your question isn’t in this manual, look in Mac Help for instructions
and troubleshooting information. In the Finder, choose Help > Mac Help.
 Check the Apple Support website at for the latest
troubleshooting information and software updates.
If your date and time settings keep getting lost
You may need to have the internal backup battery replaced. The battery in your iMac
isn’t user-replaceable. Contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider or an Apple Store
retail location for more information.
Learning More, Service, and Support
Your iMac does not have any user-serviceable parts, except the keyboard, mouse, and
memory. If you need service, contact Apple or take your iMac to an Apple Authorized
Service Provider. You can find more information about your iMac through online
resources, onscreen help, System Profiler, or Apple Hardware Test.
Online Resources
For online service and support information, go to Choose
your country from the pop-up menu. You can search the AppleCare Knowledge Base,
check for software updates, or get help on Apple’s discussion forums.