Apple MB324LL/A Computer Monitor User Manual

Chapter 3 Boost Your Memory 33
Installing Additional Memory
Your iMac has two memory slots. One is filled with at least a 1 GB memory module.
You can add a memory module to the empty slot or remove the memory module in
the filled slot to replace the installed memory. You can add 1 GB or 2 GB memory
modules for a maximum of 4 GB of memory.
You can purchase additional Apple memory from an Apple Authorized Reseller, an
Apple Store retail location, or the online Apple Store at
To install memory
1 Turn your iMac off by choosing Apple () > Shut Down.
2 Disconnect all cables and the power cord from your iMac.
3 Place a soft, clean towel or cloth on your work surface. Hold the sides of your iMac and
lay it down so that the screen is against the surface and the bottom is facing you.
WARNING: Always shut down your iMac and remove the power cord before installing
memory. Do not attempt to install memory while your iMac is plugged in.