Apple MB324LL/A Computer Monitor User Manual

Chapter 5 Last, but Not Least 59
Laser Information
Do not attempt to disassemble the cabinet containing the laser. The laser beam used in
this product is harmful to the eyes. The use of optical instruments, such as magnifying
lenses, with this product increases the potential hazard to your eyes. For your safety,
have this equipment serviced only by an Apple Authorized Service Provider.
Because of the optical disc drive in your computer, your computer is a Class 1
laser product. The Class 1 label, located in a service-accessible area, indicates that the
drive meets minimum safety requirements. A service warning label is located in a
service-accessible area. The labels on your product may differ slightly from the ones
shown here.
High-Risk Activities Warning
This computer system is not intended for use in the operation of nuclear facilities,
aircraft navigation or communications systems, or air traffic control machines, or for
any other uses where the failure of the computer system could lead to death, personal
injury, or severe environmental damage.
WARNING: Making adjustments or performing procedures other than those specified
in your equipment’s manual may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
Class 1 label Service warning label