Apple MB324LL/A Computer Monitor User Manual

Chapter 4 Problem, Meet Solution 47
 You may experience network performance problems if a microwave oven, cordless
telephone, or other source of interference is near your base station. To minimize
interference, move the base station away from such devices.
 For more information, see the instructions that came with the wireless device or
search for “AirPort” in Mac Help.
Keeping Your Software Up to Date
You can connect to the Internet and automatically download and install the latest free
software versions, drivers, and other enhancements from Apple.
When you are connected to the Internet, Software Update checks Apple’s Internet
servers to see if any updates are available for your computer. Your iMac is set to
automatically check once a week, but you can set it to check daily or monthly. You can
also check for updates manually.
To check for updated software, choose Apple () > Software Update from the menu
bar and follow the onscreen instructions. You can also open System Preferences and
click the Software Update icon.
For more information, search for “Software Update” in Mac Help. For the latest
information about Mac OS X, go to