Apple MB324LL/A Computer Monitor User Manual

28 Chapter 2 Life with Your iMac
Getting Answers
Much more information about using your iMac is available in Mac Help and on the
Internet at
To open Mac Help:
1 Click the Finder icon in the Dock (the bar of icons along the edge of the screen).
2 Choose Help > Mac Help (click the Help menu in the menu bar and choose Mac Help).
3 Click in the search field, type a question, and press Return on your keyboard.
More Information
For more information about using your iMac, see the following:
To learn about See
Installing memory Chapter 3, “Boost Your Memory,” on page 31.
Troubleshooting your iMac if
you have a problem
Chapter 4, “Problem, Meet Solution,” on page 39.
Finding service and support
for your iMac
“Learning More, Service, and Support” on page 51. Or see the
Apple Support website at
Using Mac OS X The Mac OS X website at Or search for
“Mac OS X” in Mac Help.
Moving from a PC to a Mac “How to move to Mac” at
Using iLife applications The iLife website at Or open an iLife
application, open Mac Help, and then type a question in the
search field.
Changing System Preferences Open System Preferences by choosing Apple (
K) > System
Preferences. Or search for “system preferences” in Mac Help.