Casio HK1223 Laptop User Manual

Troubleshooting 8-15
Resetting the Computer
You may have to reset (reboot) your computer on some occasions when
an error occurs and the program you are using hangs up.
If the system operation seems to hang up, first wait. It is possible that the
system is processing data. Periodically check the hard disk drive in-use
indicator, if it flashes irregularly, the program may be accessing data and
preventing you from using the keyboard. If you are sure the operation has
stopped and you cannot use the “restart” function of the operating system,
reset the computer.
Reset the computer by any one of these methods:
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
If the above action does not work, turn off the system. Wait for at least
five seconds and turn it on again.
If the above does not work, insert a small rod, such as a straightened
paper clip, into the keyboard BIOS reset switch on the left side of the
computer and press firmly. The system will shut down. Wait for at
least five seconds and turn it on again.
CAUTION: Resetting will cause any unsaved data to be lost.