Casio HK1223 Laptop User Manual

3-2 Managing Power
AC Adapter
The AC adapter is designed for use with your computer only. Connecting the AC
adapter to another device can damage the adapter.
The AC power cord supplied with your computer is for use in the country where you
purchased your computer. If you plan to go overseas with the computer, consult
your dealer for the appropriate power cord.
When you disconnect the AC adapter, disconnect from the electrical outlet first and
then from the computer. A reverse procedure may damage the AC adapter or
When unplugging the connector, always hold the plug head. Never pull on the cord.
The AC adapter serves as a converter from AC (Alternating Current) to
DC (Direct Current) power because your computer runs on DC power,
but an electrical outlet usually provides AC power. It also charges the
battery pack when connected to AC power.
The AC adapter operates on any voltage in the range of 100 ~ 240 V AC.