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4.4.7 Map Descriptor Example4 – Gas values for the current (most recent) slot sample.
This example illustrates a map descriptors used to store the data from the most recent slot sample. The map descriptor stores the following
information :-
5. Slot Number
6. Up to 16 gas values (The gas name is not provided) The position in the array is based on the Gas Number.
For example. A slot may sample two gasses. The first is Gas #4 and the second may be Gas #2, The driver stores the value of Gas#4 in
array location 4 and stores the value of Gas#2 at array location 2.
The following additional information may also be stored if the DA_Bit_Name & DA_Byte_Name parameters are specified.
7. A bit indicating the number of the slot
8. The Alarm/Warning States for each gas
Map_block_Name, Data_Array_Name, Data_Array_Offset, Function, node_name, protocol, timeout, atmi_data , da_bit_name, da_byte_name
Current_Port_MD, DA_CURR_SLOT, 0 , passive , ACM1 , ATMI ,120.0s , current-slot, DA_SLOT , DA_SLOT_ALA
The current slot
number and up to 16
gas values are stored
in this data array.
The 1
stored is the slot
number. The next
16 values stored are
the gas values
(multiplied by 100).
The location is
based on the Gas
umber and not the
row number.
This keyword tells
the driver to use this
map descriptor to
store the current
slot’s sample data..
If x is the number of the current
slot (slot most recently
sampled) then the data array
position corresponding to x is
set to 1 and all other elements
are set to zero.
E.g. If Slot 1 is the current slot
then the 2
element of the
array (index=1) is set non-zero.
The array can be any data
If the DA_Bit_Name parameter
is omitted then this data is not
Alarm / Warning Status for each gas is
indicated in this array.
If gas x is in alarm then x is used as the
index into the array. E.g. If Gas #1 is in
alarm then the 2
element of the array
(index=1) is set non-zero.
The value of each element indicates
alarm/warning. If the Value is 1 then the
gas in alarm. If the value is two then the
gas is at a warning level.
The array format should be capable of
storing a value. If a Bit/Packed_Bit format
is used then you will not be able to
distinguish between an alarm/warning.
If the DA_Byte_Name parameter is
omitted then this data is not stored.