FieldServer FS-8700-64 Computer Drive User Manual

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6.5 Timeouts
See section 4.2 for information on how timeouts should be specified.
Occasional timeouts may be expected when there are noisy messages or if the ACM device has
been locked. Timeouts do not stop the driver processing the next valid screen of data.
6.6 Demand & Lock Scan
The driver can process data from demand and locked scans. Incoming data is processed in the
same way as normal scans and stored using the same map descriptors.
6.7 Malfunctions
The driver can process malfunctions reported by the ACM unit.
When a malfunction is cleared then the driver sets all (1
100) of the malfunction data array
elements to zero A malfunction is considered cleared when a normal scan is processed.
When a malfunction is recognized the driver stores data in the following locations.
Element : Major type of the malfunction ( as a number )
Element : Minor type of the malfunction. (as a number )
Element x : Value set to 1.
X = major * 10 + minor
This additional data element is provided so that relays / indicating lamps in a downstream
device can be set without additional logic.
The driver uses the keyword ‘MALFUNCTION’ to recognize ACM malfunctions. If the ACM
firmware is changed and this keyword is no longer produced then the driver will no longer
recognize malfunctions.
If the driver recognizes that there is a malfunction but cannot interpret the malfunction type then
the major and/or minor types are set to a value of 99 and element x is not set at all.
The table below shows malfunction’s major and minor types.