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4. Configuring the FieldServer as a ATMI ACM Client
The ATMI ACM driver is a passive client driver. This means that it processes unsolicited
incoming data. It cannot poll for data.
For a detailed discussion on FieldServer configuration, please refer to the instruction manual for
the FieldServer. The information that follows describes how to expand upon the factory defaults
provided in the configuration files included with the FieldServer (See “.csv” files on the driver
This section documents and describes the parameters necessary for configuring the FieldServer
to communicate with a ATMI ACM Server.
The configuration file tells the FieldServer about its interfaces, and the routing of data required.
In order to enable the FieldServer for ATMI ACM communications, the driver independent
FieldServer buffers need to be declared in the “Data Arrays” section, the destination device
addresses need to be declared in the “Client Side Nodes” section, and the data required from
the servers needs to be mapped in the “Client Side Map Descriptors” section. Details on how to
do this can be found below.
Note that in the tables, * indicates an optional parameter, with the bold legal value being the
4.1 Data Arrays
Section Title
Column Title Function Legal Values
Data_Array_Name Provide name for Data Array Up to 15 alphanumeric
Data_Format Provide data format. Each data
array can only take on one format.
FLOAT, BIT, UInt16, SInt16,
Packed_Bit, Byte, INT32
Packed_Byte, Swapped_Byte
Gas values should only be
stored in INT32 or FLOAT
Data_Array_Length Number of Data Objects. Must be
larger than the data storage area
required for the data being placed
in this array.
Data from one ACM can be stored
in multiple data arrays. Position in
the array is dependent on gas
number area number. Further
details are provided in section 6.1
Ensure that the arrays are 16 *
81 elements big.