GE D7600 Series Switch User Manual

User’s Manual 7
Manageable 8/9-Port Switch
For multicast switching, the D7600 checks whether the received frame is a BPDU. If a BPDU
is received, the switch forwards the frame to the CPU for processing by the spanning tree
protocol. Otherwise, the D7600 performs the following processes:
Same as for unicast switching.
Same as for unicast switching.
After learning the address, the switch checks:
- Whether the source port or destination port is not in the following state.
- Whether the source MAC address or destination MAC address is to be filtered.
If any of these conditions are met, the switch drops the receiving. Otherwise, it
continues with the forwarding process described below.
The D7600 floods the received multicast frame to all ports that are in the forwarding state
within the VLAN, excluding the source port. At the same time, the switch
ascertains the individual ports VLAN tagging/untagging configuration and
corresponding VLAN to render the appropriate frame tagging when the frame is
ready to be transmitted.
The switch performs the aging process for the <MAC addresses, VLAN> pair in
the switching database. Once a <MAC address, VLAN> pair is aged out, the SBD
is modified.
The D7600 supports one Spanning Tree per bridged network.