GE D7600 Series Switch User Manual

User’s Manual 34
Manageable 8/9-Port Switch
L2 Switching DataBase
View and change VLAN, MAC address, IP multicast group, and port perspectives.
IP Networking
View and change IP settings and ping settings.
View and change aging period for MAC address and flood limit for all ports.
Static Filtering
View/add/delete/search all source/destination MAC addresses to be filtered.
Spanning Tree
View and change spanning tree configurations, ports states, path costs, and port priorities.
View and change the SNMP configuration.
Other Protocols
View and change GVRP and IGMP settings.
Port Trunking
Assign a range of ports to trunking groups.
Port Mirroring
Mirror one port to Port 1.
File Transfer
Send files using the TFTP or Kermit protocol.