GE D7600 Series Switch User Manual

Manageable 8/9-Port Switch
User’s Manual 23
The switch provides a menu-driven console interface for configuration purposes.
The switch can be configured either locally through its RS-232 port or remotely via
a Telnet session.
This section describes how to configure the switch using its menu-driven console.
Logging On To The Switch
At the screen prompt:
Switch Console Login:
Login Name
Enter the console interface factory default console name admin.
Enter the factory default password (ethernav, press <Enter> directly).
Or enter a user-defined password if you followed the instructions later and
changed the factory default password.
Factory Default Password: ethernav, press <Enter> directly.
NOTE: Only one console and three Telnet users can log on to the switch
concurrently. However, it is not recommended that multiple users modify
the configuration at the same time.