GE D7600 Series Switch User Manual

Manageable 8/9-Port Switch
User’s Manual 20
The administration console is an external, character-oriented, menu-driven user
interface for performing system administration such as displaying statistics or
changing option settings.
Using this method, you can view the administration console from a terminal, personal com-
puter, Apple Macintosh, or workstation connected to the switch’s console port.
There are two ways to use this management method: direct access or modem Telnet
access. The following sections describe these methods:
Direct access to the administration console is achieved by directly connecting a terminal or
a PC equipped with a terminal-emulation program (such as Hyper-Terminal) to the switch
console port.
When using the management method, configure the terminal-emulation program to use
the following parameters (you can change these settings after login):
[Default Parameters] 115, 200bps
8 Data Bits
No Parity
1 Stop Bit
This management method is often preferred because you can remain connected and
monitor the system during systems reboots. Also certain error messages are sent to the
Console port regardless of the interface through which the associated action was initiated.
A Macintosh or PC attachment can use any terminal-emulation program for connecting
to the terminal serial port. A workstation attachment under UNIX can use an emulator
such as TIP.
You can access the switch’s administration console from a PC or Macintosh using DOS
window through network with IP address. The switch management program provides a
CONSOLE PORT screen, accessible from the BASIC MANAGEMENT screen, that lets you
configure parameters for remote access.