GE D7600 Series Switch User Manual

Manageable 8/9-Port Switch
User’s Manual 16
External Power
Step One: Wire the supplied AC power adapter to the “A” receptacle plug
at the front of the switch. — white stripe to pin 1 (+), black to pin 2 (-).
Step Two: Attach the plug into a standard AC outlet with the appropriate AC voltage.
Note: The secondary supply must be equal to or less than the potential of the primary supply.
To Primary Wall Supply
To Secondary Supply
Secondary “B” Power Connector
Primary “A” Power Connector
(D7600-MM-E-CC Shown))
Power On Self Test (POST)
The switch performs its Power-On Self Test (POST) when the power is applied to the switch.
During the POST, the switch CPU will:
• Perform a series of diagnostic procedures to make sure the
basic system is functioning properly
• Decompresses the main switching software runtime image from
the flash ROM into the DRAM area