GE D7600 Series Switch User Manual

User’s Manual 56
Manageable 8/9-Port Switch
The TFTP protocol is used to download upgraded software to the switch.
A VLAN with the proper IP address and routing path to the TFTP server must be configured for the
switch to access the specified TFTP server.
Step 1:
Move to highlight File Transfer from [Advanced Management] screen, and press <enter>.
Step 3:
If the default File Name is not the one you intend to receive, press <enter>. Type the name of the
file you intend to receive and press <enter>.
Step 4:
Move to highlight IP Address and press <enter>. Type the IP address from where the file
will be obtained.
Step 2: Receive File Via TFTP
Move to highlight Receive File Via TFTP and press <enter>.