Grandstream Networks 486 Network Card User Manual

HandyTone-486 User Manual Grandstream Networks, Inc.
dial the forward number and hang up.
*93 Cancel Delayed Call Forward
To cancel this Forward, dial “*93” and get the dial tone,
then hang up
When in conversation, this action will switch to the new
incoming call if user heard the call waiting sound.
When in conversation and no incoming call heard, this
action will switch to a new channel for a new call.
5.3.2 PSTN Pass Through
When HandyTone-486 is out of power, the RJ 11 line jack on the HandyTone-486 side will
function as a pass through jack. The user will be able to use the same analog phone for
PSTN calls.
5.4 LED Light Pattern Indication
Following are the LED light pattern indication.
RED LED always indicates abnormal status
DHCP Failed or WAN No Cable flash every 2 seconds (if DHCP is configured)
HandyTone-486 fails to register flash every 2 seconds (if SIP server is configured)
GREEN LED always for normal working status
Message Waiting Indication Button flashes every 2 seconds
RINGING Button flashes at 1/10 second
RINGING INTERVAL Button flashes every second