Grandstream Networks 486 Network Card User Manual

HandyTone-486 User Manual Grandstream Networks, Inc.
5 Basic Operations
5.1 Get Familiar with Key Pad and Voice Prompt
HandyTone-486 has stored a voice prompt menu for quick browsing and simple
To enter this voice prompt menu, simply press the button or “***” from the analog phone.
Menu Voice Prompt User’s Options
Main Menu “Enter a Main Option” Enter ‘*’ to menu_01
Enter 00-06, 99 menu option
01 “DHCP Mode”,
“Static IP Mode”
Enter ‘9’ to toggle the selection
02 “IP Address “ + IP address It will prompt you with the current WAN IP
Enter 12 digit new IP address if in Static IP
03 “Subnet “ + IP address Same as menu 02
04 “Gateway “ + IP address Same as menu 02
05 “DNS Server “ + IP address Same as menu 02
06 “TFTP Server “ + IP address Same as menu 02
47 “Direct IP Calling” When entered, you will be prompted a dial
tone, then enter 12 digit IP address
This menu can be also entered by
pressing the button again
86 “Voice Messages Pending”
“No Voice Messages”
Enter 9 to dial pre-configured phone
number to retrieve VM
99 “RESET” Enter ‘9’ to confirm the RESET
Enter MAC address to restore factory
default setting
“Invalid Entry” Automatically return to Main Menu
Once the button is pressed, it enters the voice prompt main menu. If the button is
pressed again, while it is already in the voice prompt menu state, it jumps to “Direct IP
Calling” option and dial tone plays in this state
‘*’ functions similar to ‘’ key of BT-100 phone to select the next menu option
‘#’ returns back to main MENU
‘9’ is similar to ENTER key in many cases to confirm an option
All entered digit sequences have known lengths - 2 digits for menu option and 12 digits
for IP address. Once all digits are accumulated, it automatically processes them.
Key entry cannot be deleted but the phone may prompt error once it is detected