Grandstream Networks 486 Network Card User Manual

HandyTone-486 User Manual Grandstream Networks, Inc.
6.2.4 Saving the Configuration Changes
Once a change is made, the user should press the “Update” button in the Configuration
Menu. The HandyTone ATA will then display the following screen to confirm that the changes
have been saved.
Grandstream HandyTone-486 Configuration Update Status
Your configuration changes have been saved.
They will take effect on next reboot.
Click to view your changes
Users are recommended to power cycle the HandyTone-486 after seeing the above
6.2.5 Rebooting the HandyTone-486 from remote
The administrator of the HandyTone-486 can remotely reboot the HandyTone ATA by
pressing the “Reboot” button at the bottom of the configuration menu. Once done, the
following screen will be displayed to indicate that rebooting is underway.
Grandstream HandyTone-486 Rebooting Status
The HandyTone-486 is rebooting now...
You may relogin by clicking on the link below in 30 seconds.
Click to relogin
At this point, the user can relogin to the HandyTone ATA after waiting for about 30 seconds.