Grandstream Networks 486 Network Card User Manual

HandyTone-486 User Manual Grandstream Networks, Inc.
6.3 Configuration through a Central Server
Grandstream HandyTone ATAs can be automatically configured from a central provisioning
When HandyTone ATA boot up, it will send TFTP or HTTP request to download configuration
files, there are two configuration files, one is “cfg.txt” and the other is “cfg000b82xxxxxx”,
where “000b82xxxxxx” is the MAC address of the HandyTone ATA. For more information
regarding configuration file format, please refer to the related Grandstream documentation.
The configuration file can be downloaded via TFTP or HTTP from the central server. A
service provider or an enterprise with large deployment of HandyTone ATAs can easily
manage the configuration and service provisioning of individual devices remotely and
automatically from a central server. GAPS (Grandstream Automated Provisioning System)
uses enhanced (NAT friendly) TFTP or HTTP(thus no NAT issues) and other communication
protocols to communicate with each individual HandyTone ATA for firmware upgrade, remote
reboot, etc.
Grandstream provides a licensed provisioning system called GAPS that can be used to
support automated configuration of HandyTone ATA. To enable this feature on the
HandyTone ATA, a user just needs to enter the IP address of the GAPS server in the TFTP
server field of the configuration screen, or enter the HTTP provisioning Server URL in the
HTTP Upgrade Server field. Then reboot the HandyTone ATA.
For details on how GAPS works, please refer to the documentation of GAPS product.