Grandstream Networks 486 Network Card User Manual

HandyTone-486 User Manual Grandstream Networks, Inc.
MAC Address
The device ID, in HEX format. This is very important ID for ISP
WAN IP Address
This field shows WAN port IP address.
Product Model
This field contains the product model info.
Software Version
Program: This is the main software release, its number is always
used for firmware upgrade.
Bootloader: This is normally not changed.
HTML: This is the user interface, normally not changed.
VOC: This is the codec program, normally not changed.
Detected NAT Type
This field shows what kind NAT the HandyTone is connected to via its
WAN port. It is based on STUN protocol.
End User
This contains the password to access the Web Configuration Menu.
This field is case sensitive.
IP Address
There are 2 modes under which the HandyTone ATA can operate:
- If DHCP mode is enabled, then all the field values for the Static IP
mode are not used (even though they are still saved in the Flash
memory.) The HandyTone ATA will acquire its IP address from the
first DHCP server it discovers from the LAN it is connected.
To use the PPPoE feature set the PPPoE account settings. The
HandyTone will attempt to establish a PPPoE session if any of the
PPPoE fields is set.
- If Static IP mode is selected, then the IP address, Subnet Mask,
Default Router IP address, DNS Server 1 (primary), DNS Server 2
(secondary) fields will need to be configured. These fields are reset to
zero by default.
Time Zone
This parameter controls how the displayed date/time will be adjusted
according to the specified time zone.
Daylight Savings
This parameter controls whether the displayed time will be daylight
savings time or not. If set to Yes, then the displayed time will be 1
hour ahead of normal time.
Cloned WAN MAC
Allow the user to set a specific MAC address. Set in Hex format
LAN Subnet Mask
Sets the LAN subnet mask. Default value is