Philips 107B3x Computer Monitor User Manual

DDC is a communication channel for displays and computers. The DDC feature allows the monitor controller
to be automatically configured to make optimal use of the display without manual user interaction. DDC is
implemented as part of the new Plug & Play approach introduced into the PC market to increase user
The three levels developed for Plug & play are: (1) DDC1, monitor send data to the PC; (2) DDC2B, PC can
request information from monitor; and (3) DDC2Bi which is a two-way communication - monitor can be
addressed and PC or graphics board can give commands to monitor.
DDC 1/2B
See DDC.
See DDC.
The procedure of demagnetizing the shadow mask and associated metal parts of a picture tube at switch-on
to minimize picture distortion. This is usually accomplished by means of a special degaussing coil through
which a decaying alternating current is passed to generate an alternating magnetic field that gradually
decays to demagnetize the tube. Some monitors offer a manual degaussing facility that can be activated at
any time.
Digital control
Microprocessor-based digital control of picture parameters and video modes for complete control of picture
settings and modes and instant recall of all settings at the push of a button. This is a very advanced feature
that allows the user to switch to any required mode at any instant without having to spend time readjusting
the picture. It is currently available in most Philips monitors.
Dot pitch
The shortest distance between two phosphor dots of the same color on the screen. The smaller the dot pitch,
the better the resolution of the monitor.
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