Philips 107B3x Computer Monitor User Manual

5) To degauss your screen, press the button. Your screen will be degaussed, then the MAIN
CONTROLS window will reappear. CLOSE MAIN CONTROLS will be highlighted.
After returning to MAIN CONTROLS . . .
. . . to continue to ADJUST MOIRE, press the
button until EXTRA CONTROLS is
highlighted. Next, start with step 3 under EXTRA CONTROLS, ADJUST MOIRE.
. . . to exit completely, press the
(Not available in all models)
EXTRA CONTROLS is a set of three features, including ADJUST MOIRE. Moire is a fringe pattern arising
from the interference between two superimposed line patterns. To adjust your moire, follow the steps below.
Note: Use only if necessary. By activating ADJUST MOIRE, sharpness can be affected.
1) Press the
button on the monitor. The MAIN CONTROLS window appears.
2) Press the DOWN CURSOR button until EXTRA CONTROLS is highlighted.
The OSD Controls
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