Philips 107B3x Computer Monitor User Manual

Product Information
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Product Features
17-inch (16.0" VIS) design line color monitor with excellent front of screen performance for use with
MACs and PCs
Autoscan covers horizontal frequencies up to 71 kHz offering a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024
with flicker free display of 1024 x 768 at up to 89 Hz.
Real Flat High Contrast CRT with high-resolution 0.25 mm dot pitch (0.21 hdp)
LightFrame™ for brightest and sharpest display of movie and photo windows.
FCC, CE (in selected countries only) and ISO9241, ISO14001 certified
LightFrame™ for Windows
Philips LightFrame™ feature enriches the experience of pictures and video on a Philips CRT (picture tube)
monitor. LightFrame™ will boost the brightness and sharpness of photos and videos on the monitor screen.
To control the LightFrame™ feature in your monitor, you have to install the LightFrame™ application which
you will find on this CD-ROM.
Philips LightFrame™ will only work with monitors that have been built to use this software. Earlier Philips
monitors or other manufacturers monitors will not work with this special software. It is recommended that
you install this software only on a Philips monitor designed to use it. These monitors can be identified by the
LightFrame™ logo on the front of the monitor.
This software is not designed for use with LCD flat screen monitors.
LightFrame™ will work with true Windows-based programs and DOS-based programs that operate in a
Windows environment. It will not work with DOS-based programs operating only in a DOS environment.
107X Product Information
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