Philips 107B3x Computer Monitor User Manual

Q. What is LightFrame™ 2?
A. LightFrame2 is a second-generation software package that  working in conjunction with factory installed
LightFrame™ hardware  adds great new features to LightFrame™.
Q: How can I tell if my monitor comes with LightFrame™ 2?
A: All Philips LightFrame™ 2 monitors display this logo on their front bezel:
Q: How does LightFrame™ work?
A: LightFrame™ consists of a software application and an Integrated Circuit (IC) embedded in the monitor.
Together, they boost brightness and sharpness in a user defined window or screen area. Unique
LightFrame™ technology dramatically improves photo and video display quality.
Q: Is the size of the LightFrame™ screen limited?
A: No. You can select a single window or, using the drag mode, select the entire display area.The only
limitation is the visible screen area of your monitor. The minimum size of a LightFrame™ dragged area is 20
by 20 pixels.
Q: Will LightFrame™ shorten the life of a monitor? Is phosphor burn-in a potential problem?
A: No. Extensive testing has confirmed that LightFrame™ does not adversely effect monitor life. Todays
state-of-the-art Philips monitors employ improved phosphors and are designed for high light output.
LightFrame™ normally highlights photos and video. Though the peak brightness of the highlighted area is
strongly increased, the average brightness  a determining factor for cathode deterioration  is not normally
increased. In any case, a special Automatic Beam Limiter (ABL) circuit keeps a monitors maximum average
brightness within acceptable levels.
Upgrading to LightFrame™ 2
Q: How do I upgrade from LightFrame™ to LightFrame™ 2?
A: Its easy: Download LightFrame™ 2 software for any monitor equipped with LightFrame from the Philips
web site ( Remember the directory into which you saved the upgrade. When you
click on the downloaded program icon, LightFrame™ 2 scans your system, removes old versions and
upgrades automatically to LightFrame™ 2. But remember: Your monitor must have the LightFrame™
feature to upgrade to LightFrame™ 2.
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