Philips 107B3x Computer Monitor User Manual

8) To adjust the parallelogram, press the or button.
9) When the parallelogram is adjusted, press the
button to return to the ADJUST SHAPE window.
BACK TO MAIN WINDOWS will be highlighted.
10) Press the
button to return to the MAIN CONTROLS window, or press the button until ROTATE
IMAGE is highlighted.
After returning to MAIN CONTROLS . . . continue to ROTATE IMAGE, start with step 5 under ROTATE IMAGE and follow
the directions. exit completely, press the button twice. adjust only the PARALLELOGRAM, follow steps 1 - 4 above, then press the
button, and follow steps 7 - 9.
(Not available in all models)
ROTATE IMAGE under ADJUST SHAPE allows you to adjust one of the five preset options. These two
options are PINCUSHION and BALANCED pincushion. Note: use this feature only when the picture is not
1) Press the
button on the monitor. The MAIN CONTROLS window appears.
2) Press the
button until ADJUST SHAPE is highlighted.
The OSD Controls
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