Philips 107B3x Computer Monitor User Manual

computer manufacturer for details on how to lower resolution for your operating system.
38. What is Moiré? Why does my monitor have this wavy phenomenon?
Moiré is a natural effect or phenomenon of CRT that has the appearance of a wavy pattern, which is repetitive
and superimposed on the screen as ripple images. These are a few suggestions to help reduce or minimize the
Some monitors have a Moiré cancellation feature, activate it to the on position or adjust the Moiré
cancellation function via the OSD on the monitor.
Change resolution to the recommended standard for the specific monitor size.
Change Window viewing pattern/scheme to a pattern where the Moiré is less visible.
Change horizontal and vertical size to optimize the reduction of the Moiré effect.
39. What is CustoMax?
CustoMax is proprietary Philips software that allows user to control parameter (e.g. Size, Color, Geometry) in
place of the buttons on the front of the monitor. To install and run the CustoMax software, you must have a
USB compatible system and have a USB connection at the rear of your monitor.
40. My monitor appears to be missing one or more colors. How do I correct this?
If the OSD menu is also missing a color, please contact service for details
Set color temperature to 9300 color coordination
Check the video cable for any bent pins
Video card could be defective (try the monitor with another computer).
41. When I degauss my monitor, it makes a loud noise. Is this normal?
Yes, when degaussing your monitor via the OSD, it is normal for the monitor to make a relatively loud noise.
Please be aware that many models will not degauss more than once within any given time period (up to 10
minutes). This is due to the unit having a temperature sensitive resistor. While the unit is degaussing, the
resistor increases in value with heat and once it reaches a certain temperature, the resistance will rise and
prevent voltage from reaching the degaussing coil. This is what stops the degausser, and this device's
resistance will decrease as it cools back off, enabling the degauss function to operate again. This is an
intentional design and is an industry standard, not just for Philips monitors. Please be aware that not all models
in the Philips range has this manual degauss function. Some models are built with an auto degauss feature
which automatically degausses the monitor when it is switched on.
42. How do I adjust the picture on the screen?
Please perform the following to correct the picture image:
Reset your monitor via the OSD menu
Adjust the Horz (width) and/or Vert size (height) in the OSD
Change monitor timing to work at the recommended resolution
43. The edge of the picture on the screen appears to be distorted. How can I correct this?
Please perform the following to correct the picture image:
A magnetic or electrical interference typically causes poor geometry in the picture. Place the monitor in a
different physical location
Reset the monitor to the factory preset via the OSD menu
Access the Geometry Menu in the OSD of the Monitor and perform the necessary adjustments
Change the monitor timing to the recommended resolution
44. The picture appears too dim. How can I correct this?
Adjust Brightness and/or Contrast via the monitor 's OSD. Some models have a Video Input Select
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