Philips 107B3x Computer Monitor User Manual

A hub consists of two portions: the Hub Controller and Hub Repeater. The repeater is a protocol-controlled
switch between the upstream port and downstream ports. It also has hardware support for reset and
suspend/resume signaling. The controller provides the interface registers to allow communication to/from the
host. Hub specific status and control commands permit the host to configure a hub and to monitor and control
its ports.
A logical or physical entity that performs a function. The actual entity described depends on the context of the
reference. At the lowest level, device may refer to a single hardware component, as in a memory device. At a
higher level, it may refer to a collection of hardware components that perform a particular function, such as a
Universal Serial Bus interface device. At an even higher level, device may refer to the function performed by
an entity attached to the Universal Serial Bus; for example, a data/FAX modem device. Devices may be
physical, electrical, addressable, and logical.
The direction of data flow from the host or away from the host. A downstream port is the port on a hub
electrically farthest from the host that generates downstream data traffic from the hub. Downstream ports
receive upstream data traffic.
The direction of data flow towards the host. An upstream port is the port on a device electrically closest to the
host that generates upstream data traffic from the hub. Upstream ports receive downstream data traffic.
UPS (Universal Power Supply)
The monitor with UPS feature can work in different countries with various mains voltage.
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