Philips 107B3x Computer Monitor User Manual

was invented, developed and patented by Philips. It is a unique feature that you will find
exclusively in Philips monitors.
20. Will LightFrame
shorten the life of a monitor?
No. Extensive testing has confirmed LightFrame
does not adversely affect monitor life. Today's
state-of-the-art Philips monitors employ improved phosphors and are designed for high light output.
normally highlights photos and videos. Though the peak brightness of the highlighted area is
strongly increased, the average brightness - a determining factor for cathode deterioration - is not normally
increased. In any case, a special Automatic Beam Limiter (ABL) circuit keeps a monitor 's maximum average
brightness within acceptable levels.
21. I get a message warning that my monitor 'may not support LightFrame
'. I am certain my monitor
does. What is wrong?
Only a Philips driver can determine if your monitor is equipped with LightFrame
; a generic Windows driver
cannot. Install the special Philips driver that came with your monitor. If the warning continues to flash after your
Philips driver is installed, ignore the message. LightFrame
will function properly.
22. What will happen when my system is no longer connected to a LightFrame
enabled monitor - for
example, when I take my notebook on the road?
Philips exclusive LightFrame
feature requires the combined operation of hardware that resides in your
monitor and software installed on your system. It only works when a monitor with built-in hardware receives
commands from system software. Without both the LightFrame
hardware equipped monitor and system
software, the LightFrame
does not function.
23. What is "XtraSpace Design" (XSD)?
XSD stands for XtraSpace Design, a Philips breakthrough that reduces a CRT display device's footprint. Philips
XSD monitors combine the world's smallest front-to-back footprint with excellent front of screen performance.
24. How did Philips achieve XtraSpace Design?
Philips achieved this breakthrough in reduced footprint CRT display devices through short depth tubes and a
focused design process that squeezed every excess millimeter out of XSD monitor desk space requirements.
25. What is Philips monitors' solution for audio?
Not all users need multimedia capabilities. To give users freedom of choice, Philips provides an optional
Multimedia Base (type number: 6G3B10). The Multimedia Base replaces the easily removable standard
pedestal of the monitor.
26. Which models can be incorporated with the Multimedia Base?
The following models can be incorporated with the Multimedia Base: 109B20, 107B20, 105B20, 105B21,
109S20, 107S20, 107S21, 105S20, 105S21.
27. What are Philips Multimedia Base's specifications?
See detailed Multimedia Base specifications on the product information page.
28. Why is a Multimedia Base better than separate speakers?
The major advantage of the Multimedia Base is its minimal space requirements. In fact, it hardly uses any extra
space at all: monitor depth and width are unchanged. Only the monitor's height is increased by only 3
29. Where can I buy a multimedia base to incorporate with my Philips monitor?
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