Philips 107B3x Computer Monitor User Manual

Your International Guarantee
Dear Customer,
Thank you for purchasing this Philips product which has been designed and manufactured to the highest
quality standards.
If, unfortunately, something should go wrong with this product Philips guarantees free of charge labor and
replacement parts irrespective of the country where it is repaired during a period of 12 months from date of
purchase. This international Philips guarantee complements the existing national guarantee obligations to
you of dealers and Philips in the country of purchase and does not affect your statutory rights as a
The Philips guarantee applies provided the product is handled properly for its intended use, in accordance
with its operating instructions and upon presentation of the original invoice or cash receipt, indicating the
date of purchase, dealer's name and model and production number of the product.
The Philips guarantee may not apply if:
the documents have been altered in any way or made illegible;
the model or production number on the product has been altered, deleted, removed or made illegible;
repairs or product modifications and alterations have been executed by unauthorized service
organizations or persons;
damage is caused by accidents including but not limited to lightning, water or fire, misuse or neglect.
Please note that the product is not defective under this guarantee in the case where modifications become
necessary in order for the product to comply with local or national technical standards which apply in
countries for which the product was not originally designed and/or manufactured. Therefore always check
whether a product can be used in a specific country.
In case your Philips product is not working correctly or is defective, please contact your Philips dealer. In the
event you require service whilst in another country a dealer address can be given to you by the Philips
Consumer Help Desk in that country, the telephone and fax number of which can be found in the relevant
part of this booklet.
In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, we advise you to read the operating instructions carefully
before contacting your dealer. If you have questions which your dealer cannot answer or any related
question please contact the Philips Consumer Information Centers or via:
International Guarantee
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