Sharp AL-1551 All in One Printer User Manual

Making copies
When making two-sided copies from the original table, place the second original on
the original table and press the print ( ) key.
To cancel two-sided copying after scanning the first original, press the clear
( ) key.
Stream feeding mode
The stream feeding mode allows easy operation of continuous copying from the RSPF.
If the stream feeding mode has been enabled using user program No.4, the RSPF ( ) indicator
will blink approximately 5 seconds after the last original has been fed by the RSPF. While this
indicator is blinking, any new originals placed in the document feeder tray will be fed and
copied automatically. If the stream feeding mode has been disabled, the print ( ) key must
be pressed each time the originals are set even immediately after completion of a copy run
from the RSPF. The default setting of the stream feeding mode is ON. See page 27, USER
Copy density adjustment is not required for most originals in the automatic exposure mode. To
adjust the copy density manually or to copy photographs, the exposure level can be adjusted in
five steps manually.
Set the original and check the copy paper size.
Press the exposure mode selector key to select the manual ( ) mode or photo
( ) mode.